According to a study published in Nature Climate Change carried out by some Australian universities, tourism has an impact of almost 10% of the total carbon dioxide emissions, which is among the main culprits of the currently much discussed climate change.

Considering the exponential growth of the tourism sector in recent years, which has recently surpassed that of international trade in terms of growth, it is common opinion to have to create an alternative trend based on environmental sustainability.

In addition to limiting the consumption of water and energy, the use of doggy-bags, directing one’s preferences to local foods, respecting the separate collection systems, a good practice that supports the goal of sustainable tourism on the agenda of the next decade it is precisely that of sustainable mobility.

The data support the hypotheses: 1.5 million e-bikes sold only in Italy in 2018. The boom in e-bikes has registered a decrease of almost 17% in 2019.

In the era of the sharing economy, in the face of the exasperation of environmental pressures, the increase in traffic and noise and atmospheric emissions, we are witnessing a revolution in tourism in the field of transport.

The development of urban centers and the consolidation of new energy sources are, together, the conditio sine qua non of the phenomenon of e-bikes and their growing use both as private use and as a new business model.

Accessible, Adaptable, Practical and Sustainable. Can also be used by the less trained and by those who do not particularly like cycling. It does not require special licenses, fuel and various charges. Ideal for getting around the city, the e-bike is the new favorite vehicle for tourists.

This can also be seen from the trend of the major manufacturers in the development of urban and compact e-bikes with reduced wheels and comfortable posture.

A compact e-bike is a bike with a smaller wheel 16’min 24’max, generally foldable and designed for use mainly in urban areas. Designed to cope with the intended city traffic. Adaptable to anyone, at all heights and at any age (for the little ones you can easily install the seat).

In tourism it has revolutionized the concept of tours and experiences.

An e-bike allows you to travel 25 km in less than 4 hours. This means being able to visit a metropolis like Rome or London, Barcelona or Paris in one afternoon. Being able to see and visit the places of greatest interest without any effort and at low cost and consumption, even if they are located on opposite sides of the city. And, why not, also find the time to savor the local cuisine and for some photos.